Amenity Management

Give residents full
control of their community.

Pool, clubhouse, tee time, and dining reservations with applicable fees collected automatically.
In response to COVID-19, amenity occupancy limits support physical distancing guidelines.
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Amenity Management

Communitrak enables residents to take control of their community by providing a real-time outlook at amenity status and reservation availability.

Response to COVID-19

Amenity Reservations Limited by Maximum Occupancy Limits

To support communities in reopening, occupancy limits can now be set for each amenity in your community to help accommodate and promote physical distancing. Communitrak automatically maintains these limits by dynamically limiting the number of residents allowed per reservation time window.


Reservation Workflow and Logistics

When a resident reserves an amenity, any applicable reservation fees and / or deposits are automatically assessed and collected. The reservation time window will immediately display as unavailable for other residents on the amenity calendar. Once the event is over and it's time to refund the deposit, a Community Leader can simply visit the Reservation Manager to initiate the reversal.

 Neatly Organized

Whether your community has one or twenty amenities, Communitrak keeps everything neatly organized, saving Community Leaders time, energy, and money.

 Real-time Information

Communitrak always provides real-time information, allowing residents to quickly check an amenity's current status, hours for the day, and reservation availability.

 Amenity Calendar

Each amenity has it's own calendar for amenity-specific events, such as swim meets at the pool, maintenance, or golf tournaments, preventing the main, community calendar from becoming overwhelming.

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