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The Community Calendar allows residents to get an outlook of all the events happening in their community. Members (allowed by their HOA) are able to create events to share with fellow residents.

Quick & Easy

Creating an event couldn't be easier. In two, simple clicks, members can create an event publicly visible to the community.

All the Details

Members can provide every event detail, including event title, start date, end date, start time, end time, location, and an event description.

Change of Plans

Editing or deleting an event can be done in only three clicks. And Communitrak was designed to be fast, so there's minimal waiting for the system to load.

Multiple Views

Members can view the calendar by the day, week, or month, giving them a better outlook at the community events ahead.

Events at a Glance

Upcoming events are listed and organized in chronological order under the calendar for easy review.

User Privileges

HOA Leaders have the preference to enable or disable community members from creating calendar events.

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