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Cloud Drive

Cloud Drive

Cloud Drive

Communitrak Cloud Drive provides secure online storage accessible only by members of your community. Perfect for sharing board meeting minutes and agendas, community covenants, or committee presentations, Communitrak Could Drive gives you the freedom to upload anything that should be publicly shared with your community.

Quick & Easy

Communitrak Cloud Drive is extremely simple to use. With only four options (upload, view, rename, and delete), anyone with any amount of technical background can use it.

2 GB of Storage

With 2 GB of storage, Cloud Drive is large enough to share PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and photos. If your community needs more storage, larger storage plans are available.

Cloud Drive is Secure

Files saved to Cloud Drive are only accessible to Community members with an active Communitrak account. URLs of files may be shared publicly, but the user must first log in to Communitrak in order to view the file.

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