The best way to
securely collect HOA dues.

Collect and track HOA dues with the Finance module. Fees can be paid by residents or the HOA.
  • All major credit cards
  • ACH Bank Transfers
  • 100% Secure and PCI Compliant
Financial MacBook


Communitrak reduces the paperwork, time, and energy that comes with keeping up with who's paid and who hasn't. Each household has their own account to which fees, dues, charges, and payments are applied. And all charges and fees can be settled online via credit / debit card* or ACH bank transfer†.

 Quick and Easy

With Communitrak, managing the community's finances is a breeze. All charges and payments are applied in real-time, so account balances for each household are always accurate.


Communitrak neatly organizes and displays transactions for your review. You can even export to a CSV for manipulation in Excel or Numbers.


Our customers' privacy and security are our highest concern. We built Communitrak to store all personal information securely and to meet PCI-DSS requirements.

* A processing fee of 4.5% applies to each credit card or debit card transaction.
† A processing fee of 2.4% applies to each ACH bank transfer transaction.
Note: The HOA has the option to charge this fee to the resident or absorb the fee.

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