Collect and Organize
data from Residents.

Residents can submit information quickly and easily without the need for collecting or mailing physical forms.
Forms MacBook


The Forms module makes it easy for residents to submit and share information with Community Leaders. Form submissions can be viewed online or sent via email to a single member, group of members, or all members.

 Simple Form Builder

Leaders can design custom forms for any type of data collection, including maintenance requests, feedback, and more.


No need to print and mail forms. Results are stored in the cloud and can be viewed on any device with an internet browser.

 Export & Sort Results

Results can be exported to an Excel or Numbers spreadsheet for advanced data analysis, formatting, and organization.

 Community Polls and Elections

Many of the communities we serve use the Forms module to conduct community polls and elections. From a simple feedback request, to an HOA board election, the Forms module makes it easy to collect and analyze data quickly.

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