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Member Management

Member Information

Member Management

Communitrak automates member management for your community and helps keep official records up-to-date. With Communitrak, each user has one of two types of accounts. Members identified as a Head of Household have elevated privileges, such as the ability to view all household charges, make payments, and manage all aspects of their household, while members identified as a Household Member can only view and make changes to content and settings that apply to them.

Household Members

Communitrak accounts for each family member are created automatically as the Head of Household adds them to their household.

Head of Household

The Head of Household has elevated privileges, such as granting charging privileges to household members, viewing charges made by household members, and settling charges.

Communication Preferences

Communitrak automatically sends emails and / or text messages to users as things happen, such as when a new charge is posted or a community newsletter is sent out, but these preferences can be changed.

Quick & Easy

New phone number or email address? Communitrak makes updating information a breeze while helping keep HOA and community records current.


With permission from the Head of Household, each household member has the option to use CommunitrakPay. Learn more about CommunitrakPay here.

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