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Member information is always
correct and up-to-date.

Resident contact information is always available and current.
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User Types & Access Permissions

Communitrak categorizes residents as a Community Leader, Head of Household, or Household Member.

 Community Leader

These members are considered managers of the community. They have full access to Communitrak and can do things such as assess fees, approve posts, and suspend user accounts.

 Head of Household

The Head of Household has elevated privileges for their household, such as adding new members and making payments.

 Household Member

Household Members are standard users and are able to view and post per the restrictions set by their Head of Household or a Community Leader.

Other Notable Features

Never use HOA funds to print a paper community directory again! With Communitrak, residents can quickly and securely access current contact information for other community members.

 Member Groups

Community Leaders can quickly and easily create and organize residents into member groups for clubs, committees, or HOA sub-units.


Email notifications are sent automatically to users as things happen, such as when a new charge is posted or a community message is sent.


Residents have privacy options that allow them to go incognito and hide their contact information from other residents, if desired.

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