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HOA leaders can quickly and easily send out a newsletter to all community members, a meeting reminder to other leaders, or a neighborhood covenant violation notification to a single, offending member. And there's no limit to the number of messages that can be sent.

Quick & Easy

HOA leaders have the ability to quikly send out a message to a single member, groups of members, or to all neighborhood residents with a couple clicks.

Inbox Management

Users can mark messages as read or unread in order to maintain an organized inbox. Messages may also be marked as trash and moved to a separate folder for deleted messages, where they'll stay for 14 days.

HTML Enabled

Users have the option to send simple, plain-text messages, or if they're feeling creative, they can create structured and formatted messages using HTML.

Official Communication

As the official communication method of your community, HOA leaders can send messages to community members with confidence. For messages sent to individual members, delivery and read receipts provide assurance the message was received.

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