Violation Tracking

Notify and enforce HOA
covenant violations.

Streamline workflows with notifying and enforcing covenant violations through email alerts, photo uploads, documented conversation, and audit trails for tracking progress.
Violations MacBook

Violation Tracking

Communitrak reduces the paperwork, time, and headache that comes with enforcing the community covenants and restrictions. Leaders can quickly create and send email notifications of new violations including photographic and textual documentation to expedite a resolution.


 Quick and Easy

Community Leaders can quickly create and log violations, with email alerts automatically sent to all parties involved.

 Photos & Files

Members can upload relevant photos and files to share with those included in the violation watchlist.

 Logged Conversation

A comments section allows associated members to engage in conversation relating to the violation, expediting a resolution, while keeping everything documented.

 Audit Trail

Communitrak keeps track of every update, comment, and file upload with timestamps and associated user information, simplifying conflict resolution.

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