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Explore what Communitrak can do for your HOA through our collection of interactive demos.
Explore what Communitrak can do for your HOA through our collection of interactive demos.
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Streamlined Resident Communication
Quickly and easily send mass email and SMS text messages to all residents or groups of residents on-demand, keeping everyone informed and in-the-know.
Household Account Balance
Select a Payment Method
American Express
ending in 1006
ending in 4849
Bank of America Checking
ending in 9282
Effortless Payment Collection & Reconciliation
Expedite payment collection and reconciliation with our financial toolkit, including AutoPay, empowering residents to pay on time, every time.
Credit cards, debit cards, & ACH
Secure and PCI compliant
Shade Pool & Jacuzzi

Make a Reservation

Time Availability
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
2:00 pm
3:00 pm
Automated Amenity Reservation Management
Manage pools, courts, golf courses, and facilities with reservations by time slot or maximum capacity. And deposits and reservation fees are collected automatically.
Demo HOA Website
Incredibly Simple HOA Website Builder
Create and publish a professionally-designed website for your HOA in fifteen minutes or less. No coding or advanced knowledge required.
Custom domain name
Responsive design
Free SSL

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Shared Folders

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agendas

Covenanents & Bylaws

Architectural Standards

Clubhouse Remodel

Amenity Access
Super-fast & Secure File Sharing
Easily share files including spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, and more while ensuring only authorized members have access to view and download.
Pending Violation
Violation #4098
302 Waterford Drive
Waters Household
Date Opened
Unauthorized Lawn Ornament
Violation tracking & enforcement. Without the drama.
Efficiently manage violations through collaboration with email alerts, file & photo uploads, documented conversation, and audit trails.
Meredith Barlow
Meredith Barlow
HOA President
Posted 4 hours ago
July 2024 HOA Board Meeting Update
Board Meeting Minutes
All Residents
1 comment
Margo Walters
Margo Walters Thanks for the update, Meredith!
5 minutes ago
Encourage connection and collaboration within your HOA.
Connect and share using the community Bulletin Board. Only accessible to verified members, content is moderated and protected from outside parties.

Service Request

1. Which building or unit is impacted?
2. Please provide details of the requested service.
3. Please upload a photo of the issue.
Easily collect information and conduct polls & elections.
Create custom forms and polls that can be used for any purpose such as service requests, providing feedback, conducting a vote, and more.

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"In the 1+ year of using Communitrak, the platform has significantly modernized the management of our HOA."
"Our experience with Communitrak has been great since we became a customer in 2018."
"The billing, voting, amenity reservations, messaging, etc. is invaluable."
"Communitrak saves us hours each month in facilitating and organizing the collection of HOA dues."